About Online Psychologists Ireland

One meaningful mission

Our goal is to create a safe, reliable and effective option for you to connect with fully qualified and highly trained mental health professionals, while removing many of the obstacles that get in the way of traditional face to face therapy. 

We found that for many of our clients, working online just suits their lives better. This is often due to travel, working from home, and work-life necessities like staying at home with family. 

In our experience people find it difficult to find a fully trained and qualified psychologist that they can access, without having to travel long distances or take a significant amount of time out of their day every week. For this reason we have created Online Psychologists

It seems obvious to us that we needed to use technology that was easily and readily available to everyone to deliver therapy to those who may have not had the opportunity before. By using the power of connectivity integrated into everyday technology, you can speak with one of our mental health professionals no matter where you’re living, or what your circumstances are,  all from the privacy and convenience of your own place, or even while you travel. So many barriers that stood in the way to face to face therapy, will just fade away.

Common issues of non-online therapy:

  • They cant find a qualified a trained psychologist in their area.
  • They find that travel times to and from sessions are an obstacle
  • They are limited by mobility difficulties
  • They are suffering from social anxiety and/or agoraphobia
  • They have  childcare issues
Online Therapy Non-Online Therapy
Accessible Trained Psychologists
Phone or Video Sessions
No Travel Time needed
Not limited by mobility issues
Not limited by mobility issues
No Childcare Issues
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