Online Psychologists Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy Sessions with our Psychologists here at Online Psychologists is an internet based practice. Here we use accessible and secure internet based application to provide video session with our client. That means generally greater flexibility and ease of access for you the client, making our Psychologists even more accessible no matter where you are, which is our main goal here at Online Psychologists.

Does Online Therapy work?

Simply, the research generally say YES, outcomes are the same for online as in person (Backhaus et al. 2012). Online Therapy can provide the same outcomes as traditional in office therapy with the convenience of being able to it from home, your office or even on holiday, we are there for you, where ever you are.

How exactly do I attend a session?

Contact us here, one of our administrators will connect you to one of our available Psychologists, to answer any questions or to arrange an initial session. A link will be sent to join your first session at the agreed upon time. There is no need to download any application, as we are web-based on a secure platform. We are here to help and will troubleshoot any technical difficulties with you.

How do I Prepare for An Online Video Session?

We would recommend that you have tested your video and audio quality. Also, please do make sure you have a private space, where you won’t be interrupted for the duration of your session.

How long are sessions

Individual sessions are 50 minutes.

Couple sessions are a minimum of 50 mins

How do I pay?

Bookings are organised by clicking here. Payment is organised in advance of sessions. Cancellation policy is the session rate if under 24 hours notice.

  • Individual Sessions are €85.
  • Couple Session are €100.
  • Group Sessions depend on the group e.g. family/workplace, please inquire.
  • Reduced Rates: Please contact us if you are a student or unemployed.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely, confidentiality is a corner stone of psychological treatment, our program is protected, as is our data which no third-parties have access to.

Are you looking for help?

Contact us to make an appointment for Online Therapy